About Us

We’re GuestRobot…but we started as Gerard and Karen, a couple having a conversation.

One night, while we were driving home from a wedding celebration, we were talking about how most folks hosting special events these days weren’t fully making use of the great tech options out there for bringing people together. That is, we saw that issues like health concerns and travel restrictions were preventing certain family members/friends from being a part of various celebrations – weddings, graduation parties, baby showers, and the like.

And that struck as sad. After all, these celebrations are some of life’s biggest memory-makers.

We’d been driving for a good while and had almost arrived back at our house, when Gerard (the one with the extensive tech background) blurted out a single word: ROBOTS!

He then went on to tell Karen about his idea of using robots to allow faraway guests to attend (and truly participate in!) celebrations remotely. And an awesome concept was born.

Now, this conversation took place long before the COVID-19 pandemic made the words “remote meeting” a common term. Still, Karen saw the potential in Gerard’s idea – and back then, she didn’t even have the benefit you have on this site: seeing what an actual GuestRobot looks like and how it can interact with (and even be at the bar and/or dining table with!) fellow guests.

Today, the GuestRobot family would like to be a part of your family. At your next celebration, we can help make sure that no one gets left out. Not anymore…not since our team made the commitment to put telepresence technology to work for you and the special people in your life, regardless of their health status or location.